FIFO Kanban racks with dividers

Kanban racks with dividers increase the efficiency of the production process, optimising the use of material and reducing waste in terms of time and resources.

FIFO Kanban shelving system

Reasons for choosing it

Dividers for dividing shelves

Inclinable shelves between 5° and 30°

Set up for wheels

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1028 *521/321/8212016

* for additional shelving unit

System ST FIFO Kanban racks with dividers: Benefits and features

Organised material
System ST Kanban racks with dividers - FIFO

The warehouse shelving units have adjustable shelves complete with box-stop edges equipped with dividers for a neat and safe division of the work material. Thanks to the slots on each shelf, the number and distance between one separator and the other can be established independently to adapt to the size and volume of the bins or boxes to be stored.

Take advantage of gravity
System ST Kanban racks with dividers - FIFO

These particular metal racking systems are the ideal solution for adopting an organised Kanban warehouse system to ensure a continuous flow of goods. Equipped with inclined shelves, they make it easy to replace empty bins with full ones: once the material in the bin or box placed at the front has been used up, simply extract it to allow gravity to slide the next kit into the front position. The operator will thus always have the material available directly at the workstation and will not have to move to retrieve the finished components.

Kanban racks can be used to adopt FIFO (First In, First Out) methodologies: the boxes and bins with hopper-type openings are loaded at the rear, meaning that the first kits loaded will be the first to be used.

Inclination freedom
Inclination of shelves between 5° and 30°

The shelf brackets are specifically designed to allow the operator to independently set the degree of inclination of each slotted shelf. They are installed on each side and have a slot in which to slide the screw to adjust the inclination between 5° and 30°. Regardless of the degree of inclination chosen, the stored material will not fall from the frame thanks to the practical box-stop edges positioned on each shelf.

Fixed frame or on wheels

The warehouse shelving units can be used in the traditional version, as static shelving units, or can be transformed into mobile solutions. The uprights, in fact, are designed for installing specific plates on which it is possible to assemble the wheels, available in different materials. If you opt for a traditional system, the frame can be expanded at any time by simply interlocking the new span.

Kanban racks - FIFO
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