Ergo Work swivel arm

The Ergo Work swivel arm allows you to expand the functions and the available space of your industrial workstation and can be installed not only on tool panels and Bin Cart trolleys, but also on Clever Large trolleys and workbenches.


Reasons for choosing it

Upright arm and profile arm with base for wooden worktop

Wide range of solutions

For tool walls, benches and trolleys


Ergo Work swivel arm: benefits and features

Extend your space

Ergo Work swivel arms are made of aluminium and have two different rotation angles: the swivel arm for uprights has a 240° rotation angle, while the swivel arm for profiles can rotate up to 260°.

Extending worktops

Consisting of an aluminium profile with base, this solution allows for installing swivel arms for profile on all furniture items that have a wooden worktop or an MDF worktop with a rubber-coated cover. The smooth surface of the profile allows the user to install the arm anywhere, by freely choosing at what height to place the Ergo Work item.

Connect anywhere

The monitor bracket with VESA standard applicable to swivel arms and to perforated panels using the appropriate pair of L-shaped brackets. The inclusion of the joint for plate allows for orienting the monitor support plate in the best way in relation to the user’s work position.

Secure storage

The inclined tray mounted on the swivel arm can be used to house a wide range of objects and equipment such as laptop computers, keyboards and containers for smallwares.

Smallwares and components always ready at hand

The perforated panel has guides for installing Visual Box transparent drawers. This solution can increase the storage space of the industrial workstation and allows for safely organising smallwares and other small components. The panel for Picking Box has three series of holes for installing up to three bar mounts for holding Iron Team containers. The installed containers have a hopper-type front opening to facilitate picking of the material when they are stacked on top of one another.

Even more space

The perforated panel with hinges can be installed only on dual-slotted uprights and allows for having an additional surface with 10x10 mm holes for installing Iron Team accessories and Unipok tool hooks.

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