Dynamic industrial workstation

Dynamic is a dynamic workbench designed for offering an ergonomic industrial workstation. It is height-adjustable and can be used in a variety of work settings, mainly in the metalworking and electronics industries, in the assembly department and in laboratories.


Reasons for choosing it

2 widths available

Electronically adjustable height

Modular structure

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Dynamic industrial workstation: benefits and features

Solidity and stability while you work

Chipboard worktop lined with laminate, stain-resistant and easy to sanitise, with rounded front edge.

Check the workbench’s height

The two electronic lifting columns are controlled by a 3-memory numerical keypad that adjusts the workbench height from 740 mm to 1140 mm, allowing the operator to always work in ergonomic conditions whether standing or seated.

Power outlets and residual-current devices in their proper place

The workbench comes with a front/rear reversible crosspiece housing the electrical control unit. Moreover, it has a series of incisions for making cable holes and openings for a residual-current device and Iron Team multi-socket power strips. The additional power outlet rack is reversible and is used for having a greater number of power outlets available or for attaching the tool wall.

Organised and safe storage

The Dynamic workbench can be integrated with units that have 1 or 3 drawers placed beneath the worktop, which slide on runners from right to left with the mere touch of the hand. The chests of drawers have a cylinder-type lock and variable load-bearing capacity and extraction depending on the number of drawers:

  • Cabinet with 1 drawer: 25 kg load-bearing capacity, 86% extraction
  • Cabinet with 3 drawers: 50-75-100 kg load-bearing capacity, 92-96-100% extraction
Customising the industrial workstation’s appearance

The additional frame for sockets allows for integrating perforated panels which, thanks to several accessories (Unipok, Iron Team), become highly equipped tool panels, configured for the type of activity for which the workbench is intended. The dual-slotted uprights allow for installing also Ergo Work swivel arms so as to increase the surface available to the operator for organising all the necessary work items.

Working safely

Dynamic can be used in the electronics field thanks to the installation of a wide range of ESD components that protect the operator and the products against possible electrostatic discharges that might occur during the task. The available items include 2-layer ESD mats, Schuko plugs, straps and coiled cables.

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