Containment tanks

Steel or polyethylene containment tanks are the ideal solution to prevent and avoid accidental spillages of polluting substances such as paints, solvents, oils and other chemicals.


Reasons for choosing it

Slats or grilles to facilitate the drainage of liquids

Watertight tanks with ample containment capacity

Containment capacity can be increased with steel tank coupling kit

PP 5105
Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (l)

The steel tanks can be coupled to obtain a greater containment capacity.

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (l)For barrels
9258004202251 x 200 l
13508004203052 x 200 l
135013504905004 x 200 l
1350135097010501 x 1000 l

Containment tanks: benefits and features

Liquids for collection

Based on the type and nature of the liquids being stored, the collection trays can be made of steel or polyethylene. If you work daily with flammable and non-corrosive liquids (category GHS 1-3 and GHS 1-4), the use of a steel liquids containment tank is ideal, available in tapered or rectangular versions. If, however, the substances are not flammable (category GHS 1-4), you can opt for rectangular or square polyethylene containment tanks.

Steel containment tanks
Polyethylene containment tanks
Support and drainage

Barrels, tanks and drums are positioned on the slats of steel collection trays or on the grilles of polyethylene liquids containment tanks. These components support the various storage containers whilst making it easier for any leaks or spills to drain into the tanks underneath. This makes it possible to collect the spillages and keep the work area clean and tidy, plus prevent environmental pollution.

Expands the storage capacity

Thanks to the tank coupling kit, it is possible to create handy modular storage units for the organisation of large number of barrels and tanks. Made up of a steel profile and manifold, it allows steel collection trays to be connected together to increase the containment capacity and create modular storage units that can be easily expanded.

Coupling kit to create handy modular storage unit

1100 L capacity collection tank with frame and drum holder

Coupling kit to create handy modular storage unit

1100 L capacity collection tank with frames

Ergonomic and easy to use

The supports for barrels and tank frames are sturdy, sheet metal frames that can be positioned over the steel containment tanks. Using these solutions creates a raised worktop that makes picking and decanting operations much easier.

Accessories for steel tanks
Simplified handling

Instead of using pallet trucks or forklift trucks, the traditional steel oil containment tank can be transformed into a handy trolley. You can thus easily move it within your premises and keep whatever paint or solvent you require for your job at hand. Once the job is finished, the barrel can be safely taken back to the storage area, thus avoiding spillages or leaks during transportation.

Steel handles and wheels for tanks

200 L capacity collection tank with wheels

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