Changing room locker Perfom

The industrial locker is made of sheet steel and can be fitted in various environments, such as companies, health centres, sports facilities and schools. Available with a variable number of compartments, it can be enriched with a dirty/clean clothing divider, accessories and single-sided or double-sided benches.


Reasons for choosing it

Full-length vertical compartments

Internal division with shelves and dividers

Wide range of accessories

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)No. of compartments

Locker without sloping roof and support feet

Changing room locker: benefits and features

Various widths for adapting to any need

The metal industrial lockers can have a variable number of compartments to provide solutions with different widths that can adapt to the number of users and the size of the environment where they will be installed. The compartments can have various widths, in particular 30, 40 and 58.5 cm, and have a fixed or height-adjustable support shelf for storing personal belongings.

Guaranteed cleanliness and hygiene

To guarantee a high degree of cleanliness of its compartments and of the environment where it is installed, the industrial locker can be equipped with a dirty/clean clothing divider and/or a pitched roof. The first solution is installed inside the compartment and can be used to create a clear division between everyday garments and work clothing. The pitched roof instead facilitates cleaning operations by preventing the build-up of dust and dirt.

Facilitated cleaning

The feet and plinths are two components that can be used to raise the industrial locker off the floor to prevent it from coming into contact with water and other elements that could damage it and also help to prevent rust from forming. The plinths are made of galvanised steel, while the feet are made of polypropylene.

Safe storage of personal belongings

The metal clothes locker can be supplied with a cylinder lock with two keys. An additional closing system is made up of a doorknob with a hole for the insertion of a padlock.

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