System ST car tyre racks

The car tyre racks have special supports specifically shaped to safely and stably house car and motorbike tyres.

System ST car tyre racks

Reasons for choosing it

Supports with a load capacity of 50 kg each

Vertical storage

Modular solution

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
1028 *4212016

* for additional shelving unit

System ST car tyre rack: Benefits and features

Safe storage
Supports for tyre racks

Professional tyre racks can be set up with a variable number of supports designed for tyre storage. They have a particular shape that locks the tyre in a vertical position and prevents it from slipping and possibly being damaged.

Optimised storage
Optimised storage

The use of tyre racks improves space management within workshops and garages: instead of stacking tyres in bulk, it is possible to transform an area of the company into an actual warehouse where the different sets of tyres can be organised and stored safely and where they can be handled easily and quickly.

Easy assembly and expansion
Tyre shelving systems

The different components that make up the tyre racks are made of sturdy steel sheet and can be assembled together using an interlocking system that does not require the use of specific tools and instruments. This feature also allows you to change the size or appearance of the metal shelving at any time, adding further spans, set up as tyre racks or with other elements such as shelves, drawers or bin slides.