Perfom cabinet with sliding doors

Metal cabinets with sliding doors are among the finest storage solutions available on the market for optimising space. They preserve the goods stored inside from dust and keep the environment tidy.

Perfom cabinet with sliding doors

Reasons for choosing it

800/1200 kg load-bearing capacity

Can be equipped with shelves, perforated tops-panels, tanks and drawers

Doors guaranteed for 20 years

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)EH

Perfom cabinet with sliding doors: benefits and features

Choose the perfect door

The Perfom cabinet with sliding doors can be equipped with three different types of doors, all guaranteed for 20 years. Using one specific door compare to another depends on the type of material being stored. Smooth metal doors are the best when storing documents, materials, equipment and tools. If the cabinet, however, is used for chemical or flammable products or has a power source, then doors with vents should be chosen to allow the air to circulate and avoid overheating the compartment in which the tools are being charged. Doors with vents are also available in the version with a polycarbonate insert to easily view the inside of the cabinet.

cabinet with plain doors
cabinet with doors with vents
cabinet with doors with vents and polycarbonate insert
Sturdy and durable

The upper part of the cabinet with sliding doors can be covered with a work top and thus transform cabinets that are 915 mm high into handy work stations. The following tops can be installed:

  • Satin-finish stainless steel top with high resistance to corrosion and heat;
  • Rubber-lined steel top, ideal when using oil or cutting tools;
  • Multiplex top, resistant to impacts and scratches, perfect for heavy work.
The right shelf

The cabinet compartment can be freely partitioned based on the size and volume of the products and tools that you want to place on the slotted shelves or perforated tops-panels. The latter can be positioned in three different positions: horizontal as a shelf, upside down as a perforated tray or vertical as a perforated panel on which to install Iron Team accessories and Unipok universal tool hooks.

Organisation and partitions

In addition to the traditional shelves, there are also drawers with simple or telescopic guides, with load-bearing capacities varying between 50 or 100 kg depending on the model. The internal space can be organised by using a wide range of dividers and separating elements so that each area can be used for storing a specific tool or component.

Liquids stored safely

The steel cabinet with sliding doors can also be transformed into a spacious eco-friendly cabinet thanks to the internal liquid collection tanks. Available in two different sizes, with a storage capacity ranging from 9 to 19 litres, they ensure any liquid is collected in the event of leaks or spills, thus avoiding the contamination of the surrounding area.

Sealed inner liquid collection trays
The cabinet that lights up

Thanks to the wide range of Iron Team Electric accessories all your electrical instruments, tools and electronic devices can be charged when placed in the cabinet. Every cabinet has a hoe in the lower part through which t pass the main cable to power the electrical raceway. Multi-socket power strips and residual-current devices can be installed on the raceway to safety manage all the electrical equipment. A fan should be fitted to avoid overheating and improve air circulation in the compartment. It can be installed using a handy grille on the upper or lower part of the cabinet.

Electrical accessories 1
Electrical accessories 2
Electrical accessories 3
Electrical accessories 4