Perfom cabinet with sliding doors

Metal cabinets with sliding doors are among the finest storage solutions available on the market for optimising space. They preserve the goods stored inside from dust and keep the environment tidy.

armadio metallo ante scorrevoli perfom

Reasons for choosing it

800 kg load-bearing capacity

Can be fitted with shelves and drawers

Doors guaranteed for 20 years


Width (mm): 1500, 2046
Depth (mm): 450, 600
Height (mm): 1000, 2000

Perfom cabinet with sliding doors: benefits and features

The right shelf

The iron sliding door cabinet can be fitted with slotted shelves of varying depth on which materials, documents or Picking Box and Storage Box containers can be placed. There is also a 3-edge rubber top or an MDF top shelf with oil-resistant rubber finish that can be installed on top of 1000 mm cabinets as a worktop for performing small operations and maintenance jobs.

Organisation and partitions

In addition to the traditional shelves, there are also drawers with simple or telescopic guides, with load-bearing capacities varying between 50 or 100 kg depending on the model. The internal space can be organised by using a wide range of dividers and separating elements so that each area can be used for storing a specific tool or component.

Archiving made easy

The telescopic extension frame allows you to convert a simple cabinet with sliding doors into the perfect document archive. It can be fitted with a variable number of hanging files for easy storage and archiving of documents, brochures and catalogues in A4 format.

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