Perfom cabinet with hinged doors

The Perfom cabinet with hinged doors comes with a solid sheet metal structure and can be configured – when placing the order or even after – in various versions, depending on its intended use and on specific requirements.


Reasons for choosing it

Complemented by a wide range of accessories

Very flexible in its modes of use

Certified product

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Perfom cabinet with hinged doors: benefits and features

Choose the perfect door

The Perfom metal cabinet can be fitted with 4 different types of doors, all available with a cylindrical lock and key. The smooth metal doors are perfect for cabinets storing equipment, documents, materials and tools. The doors with vents and doors with vents and a polycarbonate insert, on the other hand, transform the unit into a perfect safety or charger cabinet because they ensure air circulation. Lastly, the doors with vents and “safe crash” insert mean that Perfom can be used as a PPE and fire-fighting equipment cabinet.

Armadio con ante a battente lisce
Armadio in metallo con ante a battente con inserto in policarbonato
Armadio metallico con ante a battente fessurate
Armadio con ante a battente Safe Crash
The right shelf

The inside of the Perfom cabinet can be organized with shelves with drainage holes or perforated worktops-panels. The shelves come in two sizes, 500 mm, in the same depth as the cabinet, or 345 mm, to leave more space in the cabinet for the installation of containers or other elements on the inside of the cabinet door.

Shelves with drainage holes or perforated worktops-panels
Shelves with drainage holes or perforated worktops-panels

The perforated worktops-panels can be installed in three different positions: horizontally as a shelf, inverted as a perforated tray or vertically as a perforated panel. In the perforated panel version, they can be fitted with Iron Team accessories and Unipok universal tool hooks.

Ripiano in posizione orizzontale
Ripiano forato capovolto installato in posizione orizzontale con funzione di vasca
Pannello forato installato verticalmente sullo schienale
Organisation and partitions
Cassetti ad estrazione semplice o telescopica per armadi portautensili

The inside of Perfom cabinets featuring steel hinged doors can also be fitted with drawers with 100 or 150 mm-high front panels, available with 88% easy extraction and 50 kg load capacity or with 100% telescopic extraction and 100 kg load capacity. All the drawers have perforated bottoms and sides with slots to install dividing material as metal partitions and divider boxes. These solutions are useful for partitioning the areas inside the drawer for storing tools, spare parts and components.

Sturdy and universal

Perfom metal cabinets, 1000 high, can be transformed into handy workstations by installing a worktop which protects and makes the top of the unit sturdier and more resistant to the different jobs and operations to be performed. There are two different types of tops:

3-edge top shelf coated in PVC, with raised edges to contain and prevent materials from falling off

3-edge top shelf coated in PVC

Oil-resistant rubber lined steel worktop suitable for use with oil and cutting tools.

Oil-resistant rubber lined steel worktop
Protection and safety

Numerous accessories have been designed to add to Perfom when it is used to store hazardous and potentially polluting substances such as chemicals, paints, solvents or pesticides. The watertight collection trays are ideal for storing barrels, canisters and bottles and can be installed internally with a 9 or 19 L capacity, or externally with a 59 L capacity, to transform the metal cabinet into the perfect ecology cabinet in accordance with the law. If, however, oils and lubricants are used on a daily basis, we recommended the practical kit made up of a slotted shelf and canisters, in addition to the tanks, to ensure the availability of a safe spill-proof oil dispensing cabinet with canisters.

Cabinet for plant protection products and pesticides
Cabinet for oil canisters
Everything within reach

The Perfom metal hinged door cabinet is transformed into a genuine components cabinet thanks to a wide range of accessories. The use of perforated panels on the bottom and on the cabinet doors allows plastic Picking Box containers with hopper-type opening to be installed on bars - ideal solutions for organised storage of components and hardware.

Accessories for storing smallwares
The cabinet that lights up

Thanks to the wide range of Iron Team Electric accessories all your electrical instruments, tools and electronic devices can be charged when placed in the cabinet. Every cabinet has a hole in the lower part through which to pass the main cable to power the electrical raceway. Multi-socket power strips and differential magnetic-thermal circuit breakers can be installed on the raceway to safety manage all the electrical equipment. A fan should be fitted to avoid overheating and improve air circulation in the compartment. It can be installed using a handy grille on the upper or lower part of the cabinet.

Charger cabinet, PERFOM14034
Electrical accessories 1
Electrical accessories 3
Electrical accessories 2
Electrical accessories 4
Ready, steady, go!

The pallet truck base has a dual function: to raise the cabinet off the floor for easy cleaning and to allow different units to be handled with a pallet truck or forklift truck.

Plinths for pallet truck
Plinths for pallet truck - 2
Versatile and multi-purpose

In addition to traditional components such as shelves, drawers and tanks, the Perfom hinged door cabinet can be fitted with partitions and kits with hanging rails to create PPE and fire-fighting equipment cabinets, or a tilted standing desk on wheels.

Leggio scrivimpiedi

1. Stand
2. Simple-extension drawer H=100 mm
3. Pair of wheel holder plates
4. Kit with standard rubber wheels Ø 100 mm

1. Partition
2. Kit with hanging rail
3. Perforated shelf-panel
4. Adjustable shelf

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