Perfom cabinet with hinged doors

The Perfom cabinet with hinged doors comes with a solid sheet metal structure and can be configured – when placing the order or even after – in various versions, depending on its intended use and on specific requirements.


Reasons for choosing it

Complemented by a wide range of accessories

Very flexible in its modes of use

Certified product


Width (mm): From 512 to 1193
Depth (mm): From 555 to 600
Height (mm): 1000, 2000

Perfom cabinet with hinged doors: benefits and features

Choose the perfect door
  • Smooth metal
  • Metal with vents
  • Metal with vents and polycarbonate insert
  • Metal with vents and “safe crash” insert

The inside of the metal doors can be equipped with perforated panels, configured for Iron Team and Unipok elements. All doors mount a key-operated lock.

Archive and storage


  • Perforated, applicable also to the back of the cabinet, configured for Iron Team and Unipok elements
  • Smooth with vents
  • With reduced depth


  • Two heights: 100 and 150 mm
  • With simple or telescopic pull-out runners
  • 50 or 100 kg load-bearing capacity
  • Wide range of dividers and separation elements
Everything within reach

The Perfom cabinet changes into an actual smallware storage cabinet

  • Metal doors
  • Perforated panels configured for mounting Unipok and Iron Team
  • Plastic smallware boxes
The cabinet that lights up
  • Iron Team Electric raceways and cable holes
  • Iron Team Electric multi-socket power strips and residual-current devices
  • Vented doors with fans and fan aeration grille
  • Perforated panels applied to the back or to the inside of doors configured for Iron Team and Unipok elements.

Electrical instruments, power tools or electronic devices can be charged while they are stored away in the cabinet.

Ready, steady, go!
  • With front cover
  • Can be used for shipping the cabinet without using wooden pallets
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