Perfom cabinet for oil canisters

Perfom cabinet for oil canisters are the best solution as safety cabinets for storing oil and liquids that are traditionally supplied in small canisters.

Perfom cabinet for oil canisters

Reasons for choosing it

Hinged doors with vent openings for air exchange

Shelves for holding canisters

Suitable for storing liquids belonging to categories GHS 1-3 and GHS 1-4

Dimensions (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Perfom cabinets for oil canisters: benefits and features

Organised storage for liquids

A maximum of 6 oil canisters per shelf can be easily organised on the shelves with drainage holes . The shelf drainage holes have a twofold function: on the one hand, to allow any liquid to flow into the lower watertight tanks and, on the other, to install a handy partition that blocks the canisters and prevents them from moving. The shelf is not as deep as the compartment of the cabinet for liquids which means that the tap does not obstruct door closure and also leaves the space under the tap free so decanting and dispensing operations can be performed in place, without having to remove the canister.

Kit with slotted shelf with dividers and 6 tanks 2
Slotted shelf kit with partitions
Ready for anything

The safety cabinets and cabinets for liquids must be fitted with collection trays for any spillages or leaks to comply with legislation and prevent the substances being stored from polluting the environment and posing a risk to operators’ health. The cabinets for oils can be fitted with internal watertight trays, positioned under the shelves and tanks, with a 19-litre capacity or an external watertight tank, with a 59-litre capacity, installed in the bottom of the ecology cabinet in place of the bases. These two types of tanks are ideal for holding flammable liquids in categories GHS 1-3 and water-polluting liqudis in categories GHS 1-4.

Internal watertight trays
External watertight tank
Closure and protection

The cabinet for liquids is available with hinged doors complete with lock and key. The vent openings at the top and bottom of the door ensure air circulation, thus preventing the build-up of potentially harmful fumes inside the cabinet.

Hinged doors with vent openings for air exchange
Ease of transport

If there is no external watertight collection tray, the ecology cabinet can be fitted with a base complete with cover that raises it off the ground and thus, facilitates cleaning operations. The base also makes it easier to move the cabinet with the company premises: by removing the front cover, in fact, forks can be inserted to transport the unit within the work area using a pallet truck or forklift truck.

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