Big bag holder

The big bag holder is the indispensable solution for handling, storing and transporting big bags in a safe and orderly manner. Completely removable, the big bag holder frame features height-adjustable legs to store bags of different sizes.

Struttura porta big bag

Reasons for choosing it

Capacity up to 1000 kg

Height-adjustable legs

Stackable 1+2

Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)

Big bag holder: benefits and features

Adjustable to the millimetre

The big bag holder frame features height-adjustable legs to be able to store big bags of different sizes. The four legs can be 1205 mm or 1395 mm high and they guarantee a load capacity of 1000 kg regardless of the size of the bag installed.

Adjustable legs
Safe support
Struttura porta big bag con base liscia nel ripiano inferiore

In the lower part of the big bag support frame, there is a smooth shelf which provides additional support for the bag, thus preventing the weight of its contents from breaking it and causing the material to spill out.

Safe and simplified handling

In addition to the 4 practical support feet, some forkliftable supports are welded to the base of the big bag holders. These components allow for forks to be inserted to be able to move the entire big bag holder frame using a pallet truck or a forklift truck.

Porta Big Bag con supporti forconabili
Space optimisation
Porta big bag sovrapponibili 1+2

Thanks to the special design of the big bag holder frame legs, 1+2 frames can be stacked. Even in the case of stacked big bag holders, it is possible to insert and remove the different bags easily and conveniently.