Smart assembly trolley

The adaptable nature of the Smart trolley offers countless configurations that can be personalised with inclinable shelves, plastic boxes and smallware containers of various sizes and plastic smallware drawer units with tilting opening.

Carrello per assemblaggio Smart

Reasons for choosing it

Wide range of container-holder solutions: Picking Box, Euro Box, Visual Box

Wide range of accessories

Countless configurations


Width (mm): 725, 1023
Depth (mm): 613
Height (mm): 1430

Smart assembly trolley: Benefits and features

Carrying containers safely

Equipped with raised edges to prevent containers from falling while the trolley moves, the shelves are available in two versions:

  • Inclinable shelves
  • Fixed shelves
Adaptable to any material

The base perforated crosspiece allows for adjusting the uprights and adding various types of boxes; its maximum flexibility of adjustment means that any type of boxes can be inserted – small or large.

A multi-item trolley

To better exploit the trolley’s spaces, optional accessories such as the perforated panel, shutter cabinet, the Visual Box smallware drawer unit and stiffening crosspieces can be mounted.

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