5S Pikpad tool tray

Pikpad is Fami’s tool tray for creating comprehensive 5S shadow tool boxes that can be modified at any time. The specific shape of the tray means it can be used in drawers, on workbenches or on aluminium bars of perforated panels or trolleys.

5S Pikpad tool tray

Reasons for choosing it

Instant, personalised organization

Installation on different supports (drawers, worktops, tool holder walls)

Reusable for endless solutions

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5S shadow tool box Pikpad: benefits and features

Customisable layout

Unlike conventional thermoformed moulds, which take a long time to produce and customise, the 5S Pikpad tool tray can be set up quickly and easily. Once the tools needed are arranged on the perforated square hole tray, just install Unipok hooks to safely secure all the material.

It takes just a few simple steps to create endless combinations of tools and obtain customised kits for any job that needs performing.

5S Pikpad tool tray, reusable for endless solutions
Everything in the right place

The handy tool labels, included with the product, make it quick and easy to identify the type of tool to place in a specific part of the Pikpad tool tray. Once the spaces have been divided, you can place a special sticker in the various areas indicating the type of tool and relevant size, or custom stickers can be created using the non-precut sheet available. Using this system makes the operators’ work easier because they get an overall view of their tray and can easily spot missing tools.

Ergonomics and handling

The rear of the 5S Pikpad tool tray has a patented profile with a dual function: fastening on different surfaces and adjustment of the position. Pikpad can be used not only in drawers as another added partition element with dividers and storage boxes, but can also be placed on worktops using the relevant tabletop support and on uprights using aluminium bars. The three grooves on the profile allow the angle of Pikpad to be adjusted when it is installed on the tabletop support or on bars. This allows the user to keep everything within easy reach and work comfortably.

5S shadow tool boxes
5S Pikpad tool tray
Banco da lavoro regolabile cassettiera e con accessori
Patented profile
Adjustable to 3 positions
Precise partitioning

Pikpad comes in 3 different widths - 18, 27 and 36 EH - compatible with the size of different drawers by Fami. Each drawer can, in fact, be organized internally with one or more 5S tool trays or an internal layout can include a combination of Pikpad with dividing materials such as dividers and storage boxes. It is, therefore, possible to precisely organise the internal space of the drawer down to the last millimetre using a wide range of solutions ideal for orderly and safe storage not only of tools and equipment, but also components and spare parts.

5S Pikpad tool tray
5S Pikpad tool tray, 18x18 EH
5S Pikpad tool tray, 18x18 EH
5S Pikpad tool tray, 18x36 EH
5S Pikpad tool tray, 18x36 EH
Cleaning and durability

The Pikpad tool tray is made of strong, wear-resistant aluminium and is, therefore, rustproof if scratched or knocked. Unlike thermoformed elements, it is flame-retardant and easy to clean with a cloth, so the workstation stays spotlessly clean and tidy.

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