Fami and Sintesia, partners for lean production

Fami and Sintesia, partners for lean production


Sintesia S.r.l.
Sede: Via Panà, 56/B
35027 Noventa Padovana (PD)
Tel. +39 049 8256322


… where products and services flow seamlessly to customers, with no interruptions, no waiting times
… where every human and machine activity is “pulled” by real demand only when needed
… where improvement is an everyday practice
… where quality is built into every stage in the process
… where customers are given the innovation they want when they want it
… in other words, imagine a Lean company.


Working together with customers, Sintesia scrutinises the current state of their manufacturing, logistics and information processes along the whole value chain in order to identify the wastes that are hindering the creation of value for the end customer.
Through the implementation of Lean Production tools and methodologies, such as the pull, one-piece-flow and kaizen systems, to name a few, Sintesia will steer the company to radical performance improvements and lasting change.
Sintesia has built an extensive experience over the years, developing a working approach that has proven successful in delivering results and achieving the satisfaction of its clients.


Sintesia is an organisational development consulting company committed to guiding and supporting companies along their path of change towards Lean Production by working with them side-by-side. We are 100% focused on helping companies regain their competitiveness by improving the performance of their processes.
Our consultants have extensive experience in the automotive, electronics, woodworking, appliance, air conditioning, agricultural machinery, furniture, sheet metal, clothing, and retail industries.
Three values set us apart:
• Experience – Lean is our mission… and we are steadfast in this commitment.
• Competence – Knowing… is knowing how to.
• Tangibility – Act with determination… to achieve tangible results

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