Ferretto Group SpA
The founding families of Fami Srl and Ferretto Group SpA are tied by a high esteem for each other and a strong sense of belonging to their local area, both of which served as a catalyst for the creation of an important synergy between the two companies. Based on a business network model, the synergy aims at expanding the range of products and services, reducing costs, engaging in co-marketing activities, and increasing the customer base and the sales force in order to offer customers more comprehensive and advantageous buying conditions in the world of logistics, storage and industrial furniture.
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Ferretto Group

Associazione Officina Snella
Officina Snella is a non-profit association born out of a passion for Lean Thinking. The purpose of the founders was to give the companies in the area tangible tools to increase their competitiveness by putting into practice one of the basic principles of Lean: getting everyone involved.
For this reason, Officina Snella is a place of training for companies of all sizes, college and secondary school students, and private citizens wanting to build their knowledge about company management processes
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Officina Snella

Sintesia S.r.l.
Sintesia is an organisational development consulting company committed to guiding and supporting companies along their path of change towards Lean Production, working with them side-by-side.
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Flusso del kanban elettronico
FAMI is a partner of KanbanBOX, the software for kanban management of materials.
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