Officina Snella

Officina Snella and Fami Srl

Officina Snella and Fami SrlOfficina Snella and Fami Srl

Officina Snella

Associazione Officina Snella
Sede: Via Panigale, 31
35010 Campodarsego (PD)

As the creator of the Officina Snella project (in English, “Lean Factory”) to disseminate knowledge of Lean Thinking, the Officina Snella association has a new calendar of training courses to introduce participants (companies and college and secondary school students) to the principles of Lean Production as a way to improve manufacturing processes and thus enable them to experience the effects of the change first-hand and play a leading role in the process from the perspective of various positions within a company.
The training model was tested during the One Day Lean Experience event that took place last July 25 at the plant of the Fami Srl company, a supporting partner of the association.

”A real factory that manufactures a real product to learn lean and kaizen principles experientially”: This is the most-fitting definition! Fifteen participants from various companies based in the Veneto region worked on a real product, inside a real factory. Through little theory and lots of practice, they learned the most advanced concepts and methods for increasing the competitiveness of a company and were involved in the design and development of the product – a basic principle of the lean philosophy – to get the most out of the training opportunity.
The Officina Snella course offering includes Lean awareness raising courses, Lean 101 courses introducing the main techniques, and advanced courses on specific topics – from Value Stream Mapping to Kaizen, from Kanban Management to the 5S system, from the setup reduction methodology to Lean Office. More specifically, the courses show how to analyse and identify the wastes of Lean (“Muda”), how to apply the Pull and Kanban principles, in-depth insight into working standards and their improvement, and the importance of real process indicators.