WORK MASTER workbench with drawers

WORK MASTER, a perfect match between a workbench and the Master industrial chest of drawers

The WORK MASTER workbench pre-set for drawer integration can be used for any industrial application – from workshops to laboratories, from hardware stores to factories. This workshop storage unit facilitates standard product handling and assembly operations, and thanks to its sturdy construction and versatility, it is also the ideal equipment in especially demanding working environments. Its structure is designed to stabilise and minimise the movement of materials to be processed, making the operator’s work faster and more accurate.

The possibility of integrating the Master industrial chest of drawers into the workbench allows the necessary space to be obtained where to store the work tools used, increasing productivity – which is higher when the right tools are ready at hand. An unencumbered worktop helps prevent the accidental fall of tools and instruments.



Available in different thicknesses in beech Multiplex, with three crossed beech wood layers, in Multiplex with grey or blue laminate and solid wood edges in solid wood or in grey or blue laminate covered Multiplex. The top surface of the shelf can be in micro-perforated steel or steel covered with oil-proof rubber depending on requirements.


Cylinder lock
Transmission system from the closure cylinder to the head of the vertebrate bar with steel wire, with elastic sheath and linear motion. The cylinder closure lock is divided into 23 different series: each series has keys numbered from 1 to 160, for a total of 3,680 different combinations. Supplied as standard with 2 keys.


Lock with digital code
In addition to the standard cylinder closure, Fami decided to add a CODE lock to its closures. The numerical code lock controls the opening and closing of the vertebrate bar. It can manage up to 10 users with 3 to 8 digits numerical codes. The event history can be downloaded by connecting the keypad to the PC with a cable. Up to 10 remote controls are available on request.


92% = 100 Kg
92% = 100 Kg
96% = 75 Kg
100% = 50 Kg

New flexible extension guide with mechanical adjustment of the rear drawer stop in 3 different positions.


Anti-tilt bar
The bar is an aluminium profile section that is always fixed and never rotates. The closing movement is obtained via blocks that move vertically – driven by one of the basic forces of physics: gravity. The simpler the movement, the less likely the possible breaks. Bar locking is obtained via a locking bolt system provided on the bar head.


Tool holder walls
Tool holder walls can be added on request to be fixed to the work bench.