MASTER cabinet with drawers

A combination of technology and style, an industrial chest of drawers designed with passion and accuracy in mind.

A game changer in the segment of industrial tool cabinets with drawers, the MASTER cabinet offers combined electronic and mechanical performance for storage designs, the result of years of research and development in the field of advanced technological applications with the main focus on production precision and top operational efficiency.
The vertebrate bar made of sectional aluminium is the fixed element in the anti-tilt system, made up of blocks in which a spring is inserted to control the opening of a single drawer at a time. Designed to store and then release energy, the spring does not move nor interact with other elements, which makes+K10 it unlikely for it to become damaged or worn.

Mechanical system

Mechanical system. Transmission system from the lock cylinder to the head of the bar with steel wire, with elastic sheath and linear movement. This system allows the parallel connection between the position of the lock cylinder and the head of the bar to be released, making it possible to apply the cylinder to the most suitable point within the cabinet.

Electronic system

Electronic system: this system integrates in the Master workshop chest of drawers the Access Code system which, through a numeric keypad, controls access to the various drawers. It implements the separate management of two sets of drawers in the same cabinet, as well as opening and closing with a user code. The logic board can be interfaced to any access control system.


SyFLEX patented opening system to allow the extension and capacity to be directly configured by the user

SyFront, the free Web to Print service for customising labels to be applied to the cabinet handle

Mechanical or electronic control of the high security anti-tamper lock with SyControl.


Colour combinations available