Master series workshop furniture , top of the range Fami Storage Systems

Master workshop furniture: innovation, style, flexibility

The idea behind the Master workshop furniture line dates back to 2009: the designers’ goal was to reinvent the industrial cabinet concept. To reinvent something you have to first reinvent yourself: Fami has reorganised its own R&D department, by introducing 6 new highly qualified employees, mechanical and electronic engineers specialised in automation and industrialisation of the project. A line of workshop furniture designed to fully respond and adjust to customer needs. A set of furniture that implies unprecedented production and operational accuracy, and a perfect combination of technology and functionality to optimise the workflow.


Five features that make the workshop furniture of the Master series truly unique:

Cabinet with drawers
Closure systems ensuring efficient anti-tamper protectionClosure systems ensuring efficient anti-tamper protection
Drawer visual cone 30% larger than Fami standardsDrawer visual cone 30% larger than Fami standards
Vertical movement anti-tilt bar, for lower-noise, more durable operationVertical movement anti-tilt bar, for lower-noise, more durable operation
Drawer extension and capacity options directly settable by customerDrawer extension and capacity options directly settable by customer
Configurable with hinged doors and sliding doorsConfigurable with hinged doors and sliding doors

The cabinets with Master drawers on wheels have a Push to Open system that prevents the accidental opening of the drawers when moving the cabinet. Ideally suitable for mechanical workshop outfitting, the industrial wheeled drawer unit lends itself brilliantly and effectively to the role of tool trolley.

The three basic principles of storage in drawers:

  1. The larger the drawer volume, the more you will tend to increase the contained load.
  2. The taller the drawer front, the less the total extension effectiveness (telescopic at low capacity).
  3. The drawer front being the same, the higher up the drawer, the easier the picking operations throughout its volume.

Master, a single cabinet in 3 different capacities

Master, a single cabinet in 3 different capacities: 50, 75, 100 kg.

Thanks to an innovative, plain extension guide, the drawer rear stop can be mechanically adjusted in three different positions, obtaining 3 different capacities. A new telescopic guide can be fitted to the drawer to reach a capacity as high as 200 kg. The front bearing has been moved beyond the front of the drawer and there is no shadow cone in taller drawers – even when these are adjusted to a 100 kg capacity. All this results in a marked improvement in the drawer per-cent extension and drawer volume use.
The patented opening system allows the user to easily customise extension and load capacity.
To ensure greater safety during use, a label indicates the maximum capacity of the drawer – depending on its extension and the type of guide. Thanks to the free WEB TO PRINT service, it is possible to personalize the label to be applied to the cabinet handle, turning the drawer front into a proper visual interface.


The cylinder lock controls the opening and closing of the vertebrate bar and of the door. It is divided into 25 different series: each series has keys numbered from 1 to 160, for a total of 4,000 different combinations.

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The digital code lock controls the opening and closing of the vertebrate bar and of the door. It can manage up to 10 users with 3 to 8 digits numerical codes. The event history can be downloaded by connecting the keypad to the PC with a cable. Up to 10 remote controls are available on request.
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