Tool trolleys and Workshop trolleys

Tool trolleys for tidy storage of equipment, to keep all the tools you need close at hand

Designed and built for mobile tool storage, the wide range of Fami Storage Systems tool trolleys, or wheeled working chests of drawers, is ideal alongside operating machines and to ensure easier maintenance of machinery in the various shop departments. A clever tool trolley design guarantees fast, safe and tidy equipment handling.
Tool holder chests of drawers with wheels have internal slotted uprights with 25 mm pitch which, in addition to strengthening the units, facilitate the integration of extensible drawers with plain or telescopic extension options, depending on the required capacity.
All drawers have a perforated bottom and slotted walls; it is possible to divide the internal space in a simple and rational way by using accessories to optimise the drawer volume.

Master, chest of drawers with wheels


Chest of drawers with wheels, available with cylinder lock or with electronic system closure..

Standard industrial trolleys


The STANDARD line tool trolley is designed and manufactured with an effective anti-tilt system.

FLEXA workshop trolleys


Ideally suitable for limited space availability, the FLEXA workshop trolleys are equipped with fully extensible drawers.

The Fami Storage Systems tool trolleys are derived from the MASTER, STANDARD and FLEXA industrial drawer chests, to which lower frames are applied, while their motion is controlled by two pairs of wheels, one fixed and one swivelling with brakes, and by the practical handles.

A wide range of accessories for the internal division of the drawers is available, to ensure tidy storage of working tools (pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, etc.)