Warehouse trolleys and tool trolleys

Industrial trolleys for warehouse applications available in a wide range of configurations to streamline logistics and ensure safe handling of goods.

With a selection of capacities and versions designed to meet any need, the COMBI and CLEVER series warehouse trolleys are smart solutions for handling and storing goods and materials.

The design and flexibility of the Fami warehouse trolleys respond to the needs of the most diverse applications in the industrial, health care, business, retail, hotel and catering sectors as well as, among others, in public institutions and offices.

Suitably organised, a tool trolley, or industrial warehouse trolley, is able to optimise equipment or goods handling schedules, even when large quantities are involved. The warehouse trolleys are available in two different lines with highly customisable configurations, with a wide selection of accessories and in different sizes to meet all customer needs.


CLEVER tool trolleys


The new generation CLEVER tool trolleys are even more modular and quicker to assemble: the new perforated structure, alternative to the tubular one, offers greater configuration flexibility over time, with the possibility of adding shelves, drawers or other optional elements, all fixed with just a few screws.
CLEVER industrial trolleys consist of one or more metal shelves and edges with hand guard profiles, which make the edges stiffer and less sharp, increase capacity and prevent material from accidentally falling.

CLEVER series technical specifications

Colours: Light grey RAL7035 and Blue RAL5012
Available in Small and Large versions:


  • Dimensions: 1024x615x847h mm
  • Capacity: 300 Kg
  • Ø 125 mm wheels


  • Drawer working dimensions: 409x512x136h mm
  • Drawer external front height: 147 mm
  • Drawer capacity: 25 kg


  • Dimensions: 904x515x820h mm
  • Capacity 200 kg
  • Wheels Ø 100 mm


  • Small or large rolls holders.
  • Extra shelf
  • Perforated panel
  • Visual Box bin holder panel. (only Large ver.)
  • Can holder
COMBI warehouse trolleys


Each COMBI series tool trolley is made of sheet steel and tubular steel and wheels of various types and diameters; the structure varies according to the task for which the product is intended and it is designed, and then modulated, with the dual purpose of optimising spaces and user comfort: steel or wooden shelves, drawers of different capacities, containment mesh panels, base stands (with capacities from 100 to 600 Kg.)

COMBI technical specifications:

COMBI technical specifications -1

The uprights are drilled to a 26 mm pitch for optimised shelf positioning and inclination.

COMBI technical specifications - 2

Assembling the mesh sides is quick and easy, no screws required. This result has been achieved thanks to the special shaping of the slotted upright and the introduction of a clip, which allows for bolt-free assembling with 100% guaranteed sturdiness and reliability over time.

COMBI technical specifications - 3

The assembling of the rear mesh panels is quick and easy thanks to the use of standardised mesh panels which are fixed to the slotted uprights with screws and clips. The combination of screws and clips allows for easy and solid fastening.

COMBI technical specifications - 4

Thanks to the special shape of the upright and the use of a screw-type connection, coupling is precise, solid and reliable over time.

COMBI technical specifications - 5

The trolleys are provided with a warning sticker on how to use the trolley and another sticker indicating the capacity.

COMBI technical specifications - 6

The trolleys are supplied not pre-assembled to save up to 50% on shipping costs.

Available rubber wheels: standard, non-marking, elastic, polyurethane, nylon.