Industrial trolleys and workshop trolleys

Industrial trolleys and workshop trolleys

A wide range of indestructible industrial trolleys for your warehouse or workshop.

The wide variety of workshop trolleys and industrial trolleys comprised in the Fami Storage Systems line meets multiple requirements in the industrial and business fields: it allows for rational, functional handling of goods and materials, transport and storage of tools necessary for maintenance of machinery in the various departments, and ensures prompt, well organised availability of the necessary equipment next to the operating machines.
The Fami workshop trolley is not just a small cart on which to carry items, but a versatile working trolley on wheels.

Ladder trolleys are also available, ideal for quickly moving between shelves within your warehouse.


Tool trolleys


A tool trolley fitted with anti-tipping safety device that prevents overturning during use and handling.
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Warehouse trolleys


A modular, quick-to-assemble trolley. Suitable for all fields of use, and for handling goods and equipment.
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Small part trolleys


Small part trolleys with plastic containers, the ideal solution for handling and storing medium- to small-sized materials (small parts, spare parts, electrical equipment, etc.).
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NC tool trolleys


A practical workshop trolley for storing CNC tools.
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