Industrial furniture, workshop and warehouse furniture and storage systems

Industrial cabinets, work benches, tool roller cabinets and metal shelving: a wide range of workshop furniture for all industrial storage requirements.

Fami offers industrial, workshop and warehouse outfitting and storage systems that are safe, modular and adaptable to every workstation, to ensure well organised, prompt availability of equipment and faster operating times.
Workshop furniture, such as industrial chest of drawers, tool cabinets, industrial roller cabinets or metal racking systems are our core products.

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Industrial cabinets


Work benches


Industrial trolleys


Racking and Shelving Systems


CNC tool storage

CNC tool storage



Fami Storage Systems manufactures extra secure metal office furniture, such as the MASTER industrial chest of drawers designed to lock its contents with cylinder locks or digital code devices. Like the other products, it can be configured in different versions, to obtain customised storage systems.

Fami Storage Systems offers guaranteed quality industrial storage equipment. Please contact our Customer Service to inquire about the workshop outfitting equipment most suitable for your requirements. All solutions can be completed with plastic or metal containers designed to meet any merchandise storage needs.

Not just workshop furniture but actual industrial outfitting systems, passionately designed

Fami’s strategy is developed around product flexibility and the ability to make each project unique and highly personalised. Workshop and warehouse storage systems and furniture are designed to meet all customer requests, thanks to advanced industrial processes.

Over the years, major investments have been made in terms of resources and energy to enhance the company’s professionalism, build up an intensive network of relationships, and turn the research on materials into increasingly functional, innovative, and high quality products. Every year, eight million kilograms of iron and steel are used, as well as two and a half million kilograms of plastic material. Manufacturing is entirely in-house, with a division focussing exclusively on the production and moulding of plastic.

Industrial furniture, workshop and warehouse furniture and storage systems