Cabinet with extensible vertical drawers

Vertical industrial storage cabinets ideally suitable as small parts containers.

The storage cabinets with vertical drawers by Fami Storage Systems are strategic storage solutions for large quantities of nuts and bolts, small parts, hardware and much more, ensuring maximised space savings within small-sized storage facilities.

Vertical storage cabinets with drawers are modular systems consisting of a steel structure and vertical drawers sliding in telescopic guides, guaranteeing smooth opening even under full load conditions. The uprights of vertical storage metal cabinets with drawers are made of cold-drawn sheet metal and the distance between hole centres for the application of the various types of shelves and drawers is 25 mm. The metal cabinets, shaped and strengthened to withstand heavy loads, are provided with a single drawer opening device and must be fixed to the floor or a wall. Fami can supply floor fixing material on request.

Vertical storage cabinets - capacity 400 Kg

Vertical storage cabinets – capacity 400 Kg

The shelves have different capacities with the option to add one or more reinforcements, and are slotted to allow for the fitting of a wide range of accessories for drawers, such as dividers and sliding guides for plastic bins. The closure doors, provided with locks, can be applied or removed at any time, with very simple operations.

The sliding of the vertical drawers is smooth and low-noise; this makes the metal cabinet suitable for use in shops, hardware stores and many other working environments. The drawers are accessible from both sides and have a maximum capacity of 400 kg each. Thanks to the wide availability of sizes and combinations, flexible and customised cabinet storage systems can be created for any working requirement.

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