Industrial chests of drawers and tool chests of drawers

Cabinets with drawers for storing goods and paperwork

Top quality, one-fits-all material storage solutions.

Fami Storage Systems industrial chests of drawers meet every professional need and tackle a variety of goods storage issues.
Built from high-strength polished metal plate, shaped and painted with high quality systems to enhance its strength and oxidation tolerance, the Fami Storage Systems workshop-type chests of drawers are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of sophisticated technology and top quality raw materials, guaranteeing that the value of the stored material is preserved.

Anti-tilt protection.

In addition to the quality of its industrial drawer chests, Fami also guarantees the safety of users thanks to an anti-tilt device which, by allowing only one drawer to be opened at a time while all the others remain locked, prevents the excessive weight of the drawers from tipping over the entire cabinet which, for extra safety, should be fixed it to the floor or a wall.

Great choice, versatility and high degree of customisation.

The variety of models and technical specifications of the tool holder chests of drawers make them must-have products in many working environments, where to store equipment, including any belonging to small-sized machine tools, while a wide range of accessories for drawers makes them even more functional thanks to the addition of elements for tidy storage of tools: trays for small parts, dividers, non-slip mats, etc.

The three series.

The wide range of chests of drawers for industrial storage applications by Fami Storage Systems includes three series, all customisable:

MASTER metal cabinets series


Cabinet with drawers available with cylinder locks or with electronic system closure. With the preloaded software, it can interface with any access control system, becoming even more secure and functional. Available with hinged doors, sliding doors or with rolling shutters.

STANDARD metal cabinets series


The STANDARD series workshop chest of drawers is an incredibly sturdy, indestructible design. Our STANDARD industrial cabinets are fitted with a closing bar that also acts as an overturning-preventer system for the cabinet body.

FLEXA industrial cabinets series


FLEXA industrial cabinets are equipped with a set of fully extensible drawers with a capacity of 70kg. An ideal product for limited space availability, it can be successfully used as a tool chest of drawers.

Industrial chest of drawers with wheels to have tools always ready at hand.

The application of bottom frames with wheels to the FLEXA, STANDARD or MASTER series industrial chests of drawers turns them into practical drawer sets on wheels for office or warehouse applications.

Available with hinged doors, sliding doors or rolling shutters

They are made of sheet steel specially shaped to ensure solidity, with a footprint depth of 50 mm. Doors are used to protect the shelved goods from impacts and dust. They are supplied with cylinder locks with two keys.

Hinged doors are made of sturdy, specially shaped steel sheet, with a footprint depth of 25 mm. The 3-point closure ensures high security against break-ins. Available with cylinder lock and two keys or numerical code lock.

The roller shutter doors are made of grey plastic material with a steel sheet handle and an integrated cylinder lock. Ideal for small spaces, where it is not possible to use hinged doors, they move along the uprights on vertical guides.