Safety cabinet

Safety cabinets complying with European standards

The safety cabinets by Fami Storage Systems are submitted to a quality control process to ensure storage in accordance with the law in regard to PPE and fire-fighting equipment, hazardous substances, chemicals, pesticides and paints. Occupational safety is a very vast subject and there are highly specific legal requirements that companies must comply with; these also include guidelines regarding safety cabinets for the storage of toxic and flammable equipment and products.
All our safety cabinets share the following characteristics:

  • epoxy powder coating carried out with an automatic system;
  • 7/10 mm thick steel sheet, with all reachable edges folded;
  • galvanised perforated shelves that can be inserted extremely quickly and easily by fixing them to the 25 mm pitch slots provided in the internal walls;
  • cylinder-type lock with numbered key or master key, spare key supplied, three-point lock;
  • possibility of anchoring either to the ground or to a wall;
  • steel plate in compliance with the European standards UNI EN 10051, UNI EN 10130 and UNI EN 10131 and galvanised plate in compliance with the European standards UNI EN 10142 and UNI EN 10143.


The fireproof and safety cabinets for PPE and fire-fighting equipment are red-painted cabinets with the special, easy to break “safe crash” Plexiglas insert. The cabinets for the storage of PPE comply with the Italian Legislative Decree no. No. 81/2008 on Occupational Safety.

Detail art. cod FAA1404012Y


The safety cabinets for paints and solvents, characterised by their yellow paint finishing, are metal cabinets available in two versions, with different sizes and capacities. A watertight collection tank is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, made of galvanised metal plate and with a capacity of 47 l. The cabinets are also equipped with flame-arresting plates, slits for air circulation, a system ensuring electrical continuity and safety adhesive signage. The safety cabinets for paints and solvents by Fami Storage Systems are in compliance with the applicable regulations on storage of chemical products and in particular with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 on workplace safety, Legislative Decree no. N.22/1997 and with the the Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 on hazardous and environmental waste.

Detail art. cod FAA16200130 (h2008 mm)
Detail art. cod FAA16100130 (h1008 mm)


The safety cabinet for phytosanitary products, characterised by its green paint finish and available in two different sizes and capacities, is designed for storing crop protection products, pesticides and agricultural products. Like the safety cabinet for paints, this cabinet is equipped with a bottom collecting tank, made of galvanised metal plate with a capacity of 47 l, to catch any leaks. Every single container that is inserted must not exceed a capacity of 40 l and only closed containers may be inserted. This metal cabinet is not fluid-tight and therefore, it should not be considered a containment tank. Fami Storage Systems’ phytosanitary product cabinets comply with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 on Occupational Safety and with the Presidential Decree of 23 April 2001, No. 290, concerning the procedures for authorising the production, distribution and sales of phytosanitary products and related adjuvants (No. 46, Annex 1, Law No. 59/1997).

Detail art. cod FAA16220102 (h2008 mm)
Detail art. cod FAA16120102 (h1008 mm)

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