Metal storage cabinets with sliding doors or hinged doors

A metal storage cabinet with sliding, hinged or roller shutter doors protects from dust while providing full visibility of contents.

Fami sliding door cabinets are made with welded steel plate panels of robust thickness that are subsequently treated with cataphoresis, anaphoresis and powder coating systems. Prime quality raw materials and advanced industrial processes make the product especially resistant to heavy-duty use.

To optimise the space, Fami offers roller shutter cabinets as an alternative to the classic hinged door cabinet; thanks to their design, these space-saving solutions are also a smart choice for the office.

Metal storage cabinets Master


It’s not just a metal sliding door cabinet but a full-fledged industrial chest of drawers! Also available with hinged door or as a roller shutter cabinet.

Perfom workshop cupboard


The Perfom industrial cabinet series with hinged doors, sliding doors, or roller shutter doors was designed to meet wide-ranging storage needs, including those of production plants, workshops, offices, archives, gyms, museums and private homes.

Roller shutter cabinets are among the best solutions in the market today – even more so than sliding door or hinged door cabinets – to safely store material or documents and protect them from dust while keeping the space looking clutter-free and organised.

Customisable with a wide range of accessories, and suited to a multitude of professional uses, each metal storage cabinet with sliding doors ensures optimal storage conditions for the items in them.

Our industrial doored cabinet solutions can be enhanced with cylinder lock or, in the Master series, with code lock. Because they are modular, they allow flexible and customisable combinations to suit any work need, including the storage of heavy items.