Changing room lockers

Work and gym lockers, the perfect solutions for holding clothes and shoes

Changing room lockers from Fami Storage Systems are manufactured either with horizontal roof or a sloping roof. Sloping roof lockers are easier to clean and are the best choice to meet stringent hygiene standards.
Locker compartments vary in size and always include a galvanized shelf, which can be height-adjustable in some models, to hold items such as a helmet or umbrella. The central section of the locker can be left empty or fitted with two different movable vertical dividers.

Locker doors are offered with cylinder lock including two keys or padlockable door knob . The doors are louvred to promote ventilation as required by workplace health and safety laws and come with name tag holder.
For off-the-floor mount versions, the lockers can be raised with polypropylene legs, galvanised steel base or single- or double-sided benches, with or without shoe rack.

Changing room lockers

PERFOM changing room lockers are made of polished, cold-rolled ribbed steel plate, with doors built from one piece and including double internal and external perimeter moulding, double airflow louvres, name tag holder, and built-in cylinder lock or padlock closure, and are completely painted with eco-friendly products.
Our solutions can be customised with our specific Fami Storage Systems locker accessories to meet the wide-ranging needs of users: benches, shoe holding trays, door clothes hooks… you name it! Fami changing room lockers are ideally suited to a company changing room, gym, dining hall, or supermarket, or simply, wherever there is a need to stow away medium-sized personal belongings.

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