Industrial storage cabinets for warehouses, workshops and offices

Industrial storage cabinets

The industrial cabinet for every need

The industrial cabinets available from FAMI fit all storage needs and have a wide range of accessories such as: shelves, drawers, dividers, containers, boxes, removable frames and worktops. The metal cabinets are ideal equipment storage solutions, perfectly suitable for streamlining department activity, improving the timing and efficiency of production processes.

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The range of cabinets designed for workshops and other environments is extremely wide to meet your every need with different sizes, colours and configurations. You can choose from cabinets with doors or drawers, security cabinets, industrial standard computer cabinets, cabinets with vertical drawers and lockers. They can be used to contain goods, tools, small hardware parts, dangerous substances, computers and much more.
In addition to quality, Fami also guarantees the safety of the users of its industrial cabinets, thanks to an anti-tilt device that allows only one drawer to be opened at a time. Obviously, in order to completely eliminate the risk of metal cabinet overturning, it is advisable that the cabinets are fixed to the floor or to a wall.

Looking for a safe, indestructible, multipurpose industrial cabinet? Learn more about MASTER!

Cabinet with drawers

The MASTER cabinets are real game changers in the industrial and office cabinet segment. Available with mechanical or electronic locks, these metal cabinets, suitable for office applications, but also for workshops, warehouses and laboratories, are advanced technology, top design products offering unbeatable efficiency.
They combine top performance with features that create a strong and defined identity in the industrial outfitting segment. The vertebrate bar is the system’s “heart and brain” – and is used as an anti-tilt system. 2 separate units ensuring access to drawers can be created. The bar heads closure electric system uses electric motors with a power of only 0.6 W. The user-friendly guide can be extended to match the cabinet length. The front bearing has been moved beyond the front of the drawer. The result: a marked improvement in the drawer percentage extension and drawer volume use. The shadow cone is non-existent in the top drawers even when these are adjusted to a 100 kg capacity.