eighty-fifth anniversary

Fami is celebrating the eighty-fifth anniversary of the founding of our company.


This year marks the 85th anniversary of the birth of Fami and the organizational machinery was set in motion to celebrate the historic event. The intention is to honor the history of Fami, using the opportunity to highlight the importance of the link between past and present, and the effort made by those who have had a significant role in the creation and development the group, and for those of the future generations.

Eighty-five years of history have many stories to tell: a history of projects and initiatives that have merged harmoniously and the motivations and feelings of identity with the company. Decades of wonderful history, growth and development that have seen the faces and voices accompany this process. The goal is to strengthen the bonds of our team with a strong sense of belonging by investing in training in all of our areas.

The headquarters of Rosa has dedicated the year to commemorate 1929, when its founder Mario Milani began manufacturing steel products in a small workshop located in Bassano del Grappa and the events that led to the beginning of today’s industry. Today, Fami has 400 employees working in diverse production divisions over an area of 230 thousand square meters and six subsidiaries abroad (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, China, and Argentina). Fami would like to recognize all of our authorized distributors around the world, dedicating a gathering that will take place in June, for two days, during which we will be remembering the past and Fami will discuss the future path together.

Conceived for the occasion, the commemorative logo marks a great journey but especially passing the baton to the future, at this important moment that we are experiencing. The celebration of the 85th anniversary is an opportunity to reaffirm our role as a tenacious leader and vital organization that promotes and produces wealth for its own territory and abroad.
A year in which the strings of the values of community, a sense of belonging, the pride of family first, and later as a team, vibrate, with the objective towards productivity and success. This is the sense of the celebration, simple, yet striking and organized in detail.

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