Prodex 2014

Thinking and acting in unison: the power of FAMI Group

A field of action each. Yet, when a trade event permits it, FAMI Group combine its forces to think and act in unison. If the chance is particularly attractive – as the PRODEX trade fair 2014 proved to be – FAMI is able to surprise!

Exactly of surprises, or rather of “cutting edge previews” was rich the Italian Company with headquarters located in Vicenza at the “International Exhibition for machine tools, tools and production measurement” which took place from 18th to 21st November 2014 in Basel, Switzerland.

Fiera Prodex 2014
Fiera Prodex 2014

“The best of” the brand production FAMI Storage Systems and StoreVan was first presented In a stand designed and cured in all its technical and esthetical details by our colleagues of the Swiss branch FAMI AG.

In the spotlight were the new MASTER cabinet with Sylogik® Technology – that marks the transition to the digital dimension – and the new StoreVan production line – that uses the automotive electro-galvanized sheet steel with cathodic-acrylic immersion coating.

Thrust of this “enterprise” was the deep desire of translating into real facts guidelines, entrepreneurial spirit and perspectives in order to stay abreast of the fast changes of the international markets and the developments of a global competition.

FAMI has reinvented itself by counting on its own strengths. The high level of its Research & Development department, as well as important investments aim to implement modern technologies and to optimize new production processes by strengthening the traditional workforce.

The new debuting production lines – in which the “shoot” of new realities in rapid evolution are recognizable – sprout from a corporate restructuring process like a new industrial revolution of modern times.