85° FAMI

Tribute a Fami-ly R-evolution.
“One step at a time, one brick on top of another and in past eighty-five years, Fami has never stopped growing.”

It is the arrival of this “stage” that the company has celebrated the 85th anniversary celebrations of the founding which was attended by our main collaborators with many valuable and lasting relationships coming from the four corners of the globe.

Difficult to describe in words, the long months of turmoil and the meticulous organization of the tiniest details to the feverish last-minute preparations; therefore we rely on the eloquence of the images to tell the story of a beautiful event experienced by the hosts and the guests from the lively party atmosphere to the proud consciousness of being part of a company that has become a part of the Italian history. Greetings with a warm welcome from arrival to departure, the guests were the center attention. “You work and have fun together”; in Fami, this has always been that way.

The celebration begins! The presenter Clare opens the meeting by introducing the first speeches by speakers, President Gianni Milani, Annalisa Milani, Roberto Milani, Fabio Vivian and Alessandro Zecchin, who all talked about the past, present and future projects of the company.

Coffee break mid-morning leading up to the event “highlight” of the day: the presentation of the new cabinet drawers Fami Storage Systems. The CEO Luca Milani reveals the characteristics of the cabinet of the future, inviting the audience to experience first-hand the cutting-edge technology that distinguishes the new product.

The word goes to external collaborators and partners, whose presence in the corporate life of Fami embraces the philosophy of Henry Ford who said, “coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress … working together is success.”

Relax after the meeting. In the evening, the elegant gala dinner offered in a breathtaking location involving the guests in a holiday-themed animation with spectacular choreography with costumed acrobats and gymnasts. With a presentation symbolizing appreciation and gratitude for the work done, the leadership has presented gifts to the “old and new generation” of the distribution Fami.

With the sun high in the sky again, the adventure resumed; aperitif in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza and then, off to Peschiera del Garda, on a boat trip.

Quale occasione migliore per congedarsi dai graditi ospiti se non con un “goodbye Party”, allietato da buona musica, intrattenimento e ristoro! Strepitoso lo spettacolo pirotecnico di fine serata.

What a better time to bid farewell to guests than with a “goodbye party”, cheered by good music, entertainment and dining! Dazzling fireworks show to end the evening.The curtain fell on an outstanding festival and having said goodbye to friends, it is our sincere wish to meet again to celebrate one hundred years and more, of hard work, but also to success and satisfaction for everyone!

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