Plastic space-saving containers

Stackable and nestable plastic containers with reduced overall dimensions for considerable savings on storage and transport costs.

Fami space-saving containers are designed to reduce the overall space occupied by the empty container by up to 80%. Ideal for storage, transport and distribution, they optimise the logistics prices of companies and contribute substantially to environmental sustainability: less wastage, 100% recyclable, premium-quality materials and accessories for any need.
Lightweight and manageable but also sturdy and durable, like every Fami plastic box, the space-saving containers can be equipped with lids, label holders and much more.

Discover our plastic space-saving containers:

Cassette in plastica serie NESTABLE BOX LIGHT

NESTABLE BOX LIGHT – Stacking and nesting containers

  • Truncated-cone structure;
  • Reduction of the overall dimensions by two-thirds;
  • Available with perforated or smooth bottom and walls;
  • Lid and label holder on request.

Stackable and superimposable containers NESTABLE BOX

NESTABLE BOX – Stacking and nesting containers

  • Truncated-cone structure;
  • Overall dimensions reduced by up to 70%;
  • Superimposable thanks to a support for stacking;
  • Closed handles;
  • Label holder on request.
  • Hinged or separated lid with two flaps