Picking Containers and Storage Bins for C-parts and small components

Smallware Picking containers and bins for storing C-PARTS, spares, electrical material and small components.

The picking bin solutions for the C-PARTS sector are ideal for storing small-size components such as spare parts, screws, bolts and similar material. Ideal for kanban processes and, in particular, for preparing orders, picking bins make it easier to find the items and pick them, besides ensuring safe, fast and neat storage.
Made of premium-quality plastic, the picking bins can be used in various environments such as workshops, assembly lines and warehouses. Available in various models, sizes and colours, they can be equipped with dividers, dust masks, tag holders, labels and much more, in order to make the warehouse logistics process more efficient.
The containers can be combined on shelving, trolleys, tool cases or wall-mounted smallware drawer units.

Discover the plastic container solutions for c-Parts:

Picking Container PICKING BOX

PICKING BOX – Hopper-front containers

  • Front reinforcement beam for larger trays;
  • Three types of reinforced bottom;
  • Practical handles.

Picking Container STORAGE BOX

STORAGE BOX – Closed containers

  • Smooth interior;
  • Three types of reinforced bottom;
  • Practical handles.

Containers for shelving RK BOX

RK BOX – Containers for shelving

  • High resistance to oils;
  • Smooth bottom and reinforced walls;
  • Standard label holders;
  • Pull-out handle, transparent dividers and marking on request;

Transparent plastic drawers VISUAL BOX

VISUAL BOX – Transparent plastic drawers

  • ABS structure and transparent drawers;
  • Swivel opening;
  • Combinable for forming drawer units, vertical systems, trolleys.