Logistics containers

Plastic containers for warehouse logistics management

FAMI logistics containers are the ideal solution to store and handle materials that need to be readily available in the warehouse and in the production and assembly departments. Ideal for intensive reuse, Fami containers turn into perfect eco-friendly packaging elements: made of premium-quality plastic, they can be used to replace traditional cardboard packaging, which cannot be reused, resulting in higher wastage of paper.

Discover the plastic container solutions for logistics:

Plastic containers ATHENA

ATHENA – Universal containers

  • Conforming to Euro-pallet dimensions;
  • Ideal for storage and distribution;
  • Resistant to heavy loads;

Plastic containers Athena Light

ATHENA LIGHT – Light universal containers

  • Lightweight and manageable;
  • Ideal for storage and distribution;
  • Available with holes for greater visibility and aeration;

Plastic containers PROXIMA

PROXIMA – New-generation universal containers

  • Suitable for use on mini-load and mini-shuttle plants;
  • Disposable seals with integrated barcodes;
  • Also available with lid with 1 or 2 flaps.

The plastic containers for warehouses are stackable, folding and lidded. Moreover, they can be used for logistics transport, or within the plant for manual applications but also for mini-load and mini-shuttle plants and automatic warehouses in general.

Available with various types of bottoms (smooth, perforated, reinforced, sandwiched) and walls (closed, perforated, with window), they can be equipped with lids (hinged, with handle, sliding), dividers, closing hooks, separator levels, clamps for documents and areas reserved for stamping and barcodes. Fami not only strives to improve the warehouse logistics of the single company: the decisive factor for the future of us all is environmental sustainability, with the new concept of sustainable logistics!