Conductive plastic boxes

Conductive plastic boxes

ESD containers, perfect for the electronics industry

Stackable and European standard compliant, our conductive plastic boxes are manufactured with conductive polypropylene, a high-quality antistatic material that lets you store and move sensitive electronic components safely, protecting them from electrostatic discharge. ESD containers from Fami Storage Systems come in a variety of sizes and heights; the basic measurements are sub-multiples of the 1200x800mm Europallet and thus represent a standard modular system. On the outside, the containers feature a unique ribbing that makes them incredibly sturdy, and even more so when stacked. The side handles offer an easy grip and the lid protects the contents from dust and dirt while not preventing the conductive boxes from being stacked. The smooth inside walls make cleaning easier and the special base enables use of the boxes on any belt conveyor.

Our range of conductive plastic boxes is broken down into various different series and models.



ATHENA series boxes are made from conductive plastic and come in the basic sizes 300×200 mm, 400×300 mm and 600×400 mm, with different heights available. These basic measurements are sub-multiples of the 1200x800mm Europallet and thus represent a standard modular system.

ESD storage boxes Compat


COMPAT series conductive boxes exhibit the universally accepted characteristics of extreme versatility and suitability for the electronics industry required of this type of ESD container. Featuring an open sloping design on the front, the container provides easy access to stored electronic components.

ESD containers RK


Made from conductive polypropylene, our RK conductive boxes come in four different sizes, all equal in width and height, 160 mm and 100 mm respectively, but with four different depths: 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. Mobile dividers can be used to subdivide ESD containers into a maximum of 11 compartments.

ESD container accessories


The line includes hinged and removable lids made from conductive polypropylene copolymer, but also washable and soundproofing anti-slip mats and many other useful accessories to make the containers even more functional, including dividers, tops, tag holders, wheels and foot supports.

Storage, transportation, repair and maintenance of P.C.B. and electronic components.

The anti-static containers of the Athena range can be equipped with the Miniprint and Megaprint systems for holding printed circuit boards.

The Miniprint and Megaprint systems can adapt perfectly to the wide variety of existing PCB sizes and are the ideal solution for the electromechanical, electronics and mining sectors, as well as for plants where explosives are manufactured.


The Megaprint system has four rigid walls joined along the outside with aluminium reinforced profiles for improved sturdiness and to ensure proper vertical alignment. The inner sides have grooves for inserting the boards. The Miniprint system must be placed inside the conductive containers, along the bottom.

For very high circuit boards, the Miniprint system can be combined with the Megaprint system to create a longer groove for added protection of the circuit board.

Storage, transportation, repair and maintenance of P.C.B. and electronic components