Indestructible small parts storage

Transparent boxes for storage of small parts, spare parts and electrical material.

Transparent storage boxes from Fami Storage Systems are made from transparent high mechanical strength polystyrene. Fitted into appropriate ABS drawer units, these small parts containers are a must-have to keep store, workshop, lab, factory, DIY and craft/hobby items organised.

Our small parts containers, which can be easily and conveniently placed inside shelves, cases and trolleys, are anchored to a practical base made from grey-painted sheet steel, but they can even be fastened directly to the wall with wall plugs.

Our transparent plastic containers conveniently open from the front and offer crystal-clear view of contents, making it quick and easy to find what’s needed and keeping items well-compartmentalised and the work organised.
This innovative generation of small parts containers is produced with equal width (600 mm) but different depths and heights. This means the containers can be stacked to create same-depth or decreasing-depth units for trolleys, shelving (revolving, fixed or with base), and vertical systems.

Our Practibox systems, organisers, cases and trolleys for small parts storage have application in plenty of businesses and settings.

Practibox organisers


Practibox organisers are composed of a grey-painted ABS structure. They are available in different models varying in depth and height but all equal in width (600 mm).

Discover our Practibox tilt bin

Scopri la valigetta portaminuterie Top Box


Our Top Box small parts carry case has 18 transparent, high-mechanical strength compartments and comes with hooks on the sides to accommodate screwdrivers, scissors or other tools. The top compartment offers plenty of space for equipment, tools and other work essentials. The case structure is made from impact resistant material. With a simple motion, a small lever locks containers in place to prevent items from falling out during transport.

Discover our Top Box parts carry



Made from painted sheet steel, Practibox organisers let you turn unused wall space into convenient storage. They come in various heights and are supplied in standard grey. They are mounted on the wall using wall plugs. As an alternative to wall mounting, the frame can be fastened to a sheet steel base.

Discover our Practibox organisers

Revolving shelving units


Our Practibox revolving shelving unit provides a rational way to store different types of material. It is available in different heights and is composed of a base fitted with 4 bin-holding frames. The grey metal structure must be anchored to the floor.

Discover our revolving shelving units

Trolleys for small parts containers


Our trolley with small parts storage is the perfect way to keep everything on hand when needed and thus optimise time and space. Discover our Fami Storage Systems trolleys for small parts!

Discover our trolleys for small parts containers

Practibox vertical system


Our Practibox vertical system consists of a modular cabinet with vertical drawers to be completed with Practibox tilt bins. The cabinet is a formed steel structure strengthened to support heavy loads. It comes with individual drawer opening device and must be fixed to the floor or wall. Available in load capacity of 100kg or 400kg.

Capacity of 100 kg
Capacity of 400 kg

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