Material used

Material for boxes, bins and containers for logistics applications

The Fami Storage Systems industrial plastic containers can be made of:

First grade polypropylene


First grade polypropylene is a non-toxic plastic material highly appreciated and used in the manufacturing and design industries for the production of the most diverse products, as it is odourless, resistant to solvents and acids, washable and sterilisable, resistant to moisture and not hygroscopic. Its chemical and mechanical behaviour make of polypropylene an ideal product to make boxes, crates, bins and other containers, designed for the handling and storage of goods.

Ecogreen polypropylene


Ecogreen Polypropylene is an environment-friendly solution as it can give a new lease of life to recycled plastic obtained from waste-to-energy processing of post-consumer plastic.

5A polypropylene


5A Polypropylene is a composite material obtained by mixing first grade polypropylene with a fraction of polypropylene obtained from selected post-industrial material. This raw material can guarantee high performance.

Conductive polypropylene


Conductive polypropylene is a top quality plastic material, perfectly suitable for ensuring protection from electrostatic discharges. Conductive polypropylene boxes can be used to safely store and handle sensitive electronic components.

Food safe polypropylene


Polypropylene for food-safe use is a material that complies with the current EU legislation that regulates the specifications of packaging and containers intended for contact with foodstuffs. This plastic material is very popular in the food industry – from the preparation and packaging stage all the way to product storage and shipment.



Polystyrene is a transparent, hard and bright resin, used for the production of extensible drawers with tilting opening of the Practibox line, for Multibox dividers and for divider box lids. It is highly transparent, which makes the contents of the drawers perfectly visible, and features excellent mechanical strength making it a durable and reliable product over time.



ABS is the result of a successful combination between a resin and an elastomer, and owes its success to the excellent technical properties that characterise it. Outstandingly bright and with better surface aesthetics than other polymers, it is a rigid, resilient plastic material, with a high degree of resistance to scratches and impacts. It is used in the production of Practibox chests of drawers, which can be integrated in racks, in trolleys or fixed directly to walls.

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