ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: Fami’s photovoltaic plant


Eco-sustainability and sustainable development are current issues of great interest, arising from the increased awareness of the rising cyclical changes and renewals which must be carried out in respect of the delicate environmental balance, and above all, that the resources for future generations should not be depleted. Fami S.r.l. is always abreast of the technological innovations and has fitted their sheds roofs with a photovoltaic plant on an area of 45.000 square meters. The system consists of well 6140 polycrystalline silicon panels, which are excellent for their quality and performance stability, steady and guaranteed for about 25 years, occupying a total area of 9824 square meters, producing 24% of the yearly demand of the firm.

There are different advantages leading Fami to the choice of installing the photovoltaic system:

  • Saving of fossil fuels;
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions thanks to the sun exploitation, a “clean” power source;
  • Reduction of the electric power leakage that, once produced, is immediately used or conveyed into the electricity network;
  • Operating and maintenance costs reduced to a minimum: photovoltaic panels allow to benefit from a sustainable and free power source and they are always in use during daylight hours, even when the sun is hazy, keep producing energy.

As we are drawing to the first year of life, here are the numbers achieved:

  • Theoretical power of the plant 1412.20 kWp;
  • Theoretical yearly production of the plant 1,657,800.00 kWh;
  • Ratio between co2 emitted compared to the kWh produced = 0.00065 tons of co2/kWh.