The mission is entrusted to the Technical Department with its team of young creative talents who, through their sensitivity and creativity, use the latest 3D simulation programs. FAMI is very sensitive to the environmental impact of the manufacturing technologies. Raw materials are carefully selected and equipment is periodically updated to ensure that products comply with antipollution laws; plastic is regularly recycled and never discarded.



Successfully certified, Quality Assurance Certification since over ten years on ISO 9001:2015 Download

Certification ISO 14001


Environmental system Certification ISO 14001:2015 Download

Lavoro sicuro, sicurezza lavoro arredi industriali

From 2007 Fami S.r.l. has started, within its organization, a project for implementing a Safety and Health Management System in its work places, complying with “LavoroSicuro” guidelines. In January 2008 Fami achieved the Management System validation from Confindustria Veneto and INAIL Direzione Veneto, a system that continues to be applied: safety culture represents for Fami an indispensable element for a dynamic and modern company.