FAMI was originally founded as a company specialising in the manufacture of industrial fittings. Over the years, major investments have been made in terms of resources and energy to enhance the firm’s professionalism, build up an intensive network of relationships, and transform the research on materials into increasingly functional, innovative, and high quality products.
FAMI is now a consolidated business, with a manufacturing division of over  230  thousand square metres, 95 thousand of which are covered, and 400 employees. It has five overseas branches, located in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina and China, and authorised distributors covering all of Europe, south-east Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.Every year, eight million kilograms of iron and steel are utilised, as well as two and a half million kilograms of plastic material. Manufacturing is entirely in-house, with a division dedicated exclusively to the production and moulding of plastic.
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Mario Milani started his business 1929 in Bassano del Grappa with a small workshop for metal manufacture that became the name of FAMI “Fabbrica Attrezzature Mobili Industriali” 1963. The company now manufactures metal furniture and equipment for workshops, furnishing and storage systems.

During the industrial boom years in the 1970’s, FAMI gained a foothold in foreign markets by signing agreements with French and Swiss companies. These were important years for industrial development and especially for FAMI which, through process innovation and diversification, very soon proved to be a leading market name and a fast-mover.
The secret to success is flexibility. A feature that the company has intentionally built up over the years to develop tailored-made systems by means of advanced technologies to meet the needs of customers.

The introduction of plastic, which is lighter, more modern and easier to handle than metal, brought about a radical change. This gave way to the production of polypropylene containers and a host of accessories for industrial fittings: containers, shelving, tool cabinets, trolleys. The next step was to take part in leading exhibitions which proved to be the ideal means of promoting sales agreements outside the local and national territory.


FAMI has never been a static company, it has always looked to the future with curiosity, with a desire to grow through continuous product research.
At Fami technological innovation goes hand in hand with creativity and true knowledge of the markets of reference. The manufacture of products in foreign countries implies courage and a rigorous and modern approach. Fami wants to anticipate the market and speed up the response to commercial demand.
Fami develops new projects with the competence which has always distinguished its work and with the young and dynamic vision of the new management.