With 90 years’ experience, we are specialised in the manufacture of furnishings for industry, workshops and warehouses


For over 90 years we have been creating solutions for industrial furnishings and commercial van equipment to make our customers’ jobs easier. We strive to make work processes safer and more efficient via solutions specially designed to meet the various requirements. It is the passion that drives us to do better every day that makes us the perfect partner for your company.


We are a proactive company animated by curiosity and a desire to grow. We work tirelessly to become increasingly innovative and international. We expend all efforts to anticipate our customers’ expectations whilst bearing in mind how important it is to act conscientiously and sustainably.

Our values

More than one value underlies the essence of Fami; they are diverse, yet they harmoniously converge to inspire and guide us as we pursue our activities. These values clearly transpire from the actions and attitude of all those people who are part of Fami, from the company itself and its products. In turn, their purpose is to serve and uphold the values that underpin all our daily dealings with customers.


People lie at the heart of our company. We cultivate our talents and make sure we are ready to take on new challenges with a willingness to cooperate and team spirit.


Personalisation goes hand in hand with a quest for uncompromising quality as far as our industrial furnishings are concerned because we want to offer our customers the best of Italian manufacturing and a solution that is tailor-made to their requirements.


Our daily work is centred on our customers and we constantly seek out solutions and partners that will help us to serve them better wherever they are in the world. Before we get down to work on a project, we implement a consultancy phase which is in a league of its own.


Our passion for our job prompts us to think out of the box and design new products that score high in terms of innovation and sustainability. Designing, planning and responding to market needs are a huge part of our history.

Our history

Our history goes back to 1929 and we have reached a great many milestones along the way, striving to create and devise top-quality and increasingly innovative products.

  1. Our origins

    - 1929 -

    Fami came into existence under the name of “Officina Mario Milani”. Mario Milani used to carry out small repairs in a room in the courtyard of his building.

  2. Registration at the Chamber of Commerce

    - The ‘40s -

    Even after the war hit Italy, Mario Milani continued working successfully for hospitals, schools and religious institutes.

    Anni Quaranta
  3. New projects were designed to meet post-war needs.

    - The ‘50s -

    Thanks to Mario Milani’s resourceful nature, the Officina came to specialise in the manufacture of items for industry.

    Anni Cinquanta
  4. Creation of metal drawers

    - The ‘60s -

    The famous metal drawers came into being as an answer to the needs of the shoe industry. In 1962 the Officina Mario Milani became Fami, “Fabbrica Accessori Mobili Industriali” (Factory of Industrial Accessories and Furnishings).

    Anni Sessanta
  5. New products to meet new requirements

    - The ‘70s -

    The product range evolved constantly and led to the creation of special thematically organised catalogues.

    Anni Settanta
  6. New premises

    - The ‘80s -

    Due to an increase in production, Fami moved to new premises in Rosà.

    Anni Ottanta
  7. The European branches

    - The ‘90s -

    The desire to reach clients on new markets was high. Branches in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland were set up and contact was made with dealers both on European soil and outside Europe.

    Anni Novanta
  8. Store Van - Commercial van equipment

    - The 2000s -

    The Store Van brand came into being designed for anyone who needed a van that was constantly fitted out with tools and anything else for their job.

    Anni Duemila
  9. Master

    - The 2010s -

    It was the turn of the Master system – the cabinet that changed the concept of cabinets. It struck an ideal balance between technology and design, delivering a top-quality well-thought-out product.

    Anni Duemiladieci
  10. A reliable partner

    - Today -

    Thanks to its Store Van brand, today Fami is a key player on the business scene for industrial furnishings and commercial van equipment.