CNC tool storage equipment

CNC tool storage

Racking systems, tool trolleys and tool cabinets with bush holder frames

CNC tool storage frames are made of plastic and are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of spindle. The bushings engage at precise positions to form tidy arrangements in the tool holder frames. To be stored and handled inside a workshop or production facility without taking up too much space, and always be immediately visible and easily available, they can be mounted on trolleys, on tool racks or in cabinets.

The various CNC tool holder solutions offered by Fami can be set up in a personalised manner and preserve bushings from clutter, leaks, dust, dirt and any contact with chemical agents or adverse weather. Each housing frame is made of high quality material which makes it resistant to impact and breaks.

Bush holder or CNC tool storage frames


The bush-holder frame is a painted plate metal frame with rows of bushes arranged at an angle to facilitate the insertion of CNC tools.

Bushing roller cabinet


The CNC tool roller cabinet is equipped with bush-holder frames with supports, wheels with brakes and a convenient side handle.

CNC tool cabinet


The CNC tool cabinets are ideal for quickly storing NC tools, keeping them always close at hand, tidy and protected.