New vertical semi-automatic warehouse.

9.2 metre-flexibility and storage strategy

vertical semi-automatic warehouse

vertical semi-automatic warehouse

Here comes a new challenging stage in FAMI growth path: an ambitious project concerning the planning of a logistic system. The automated vertical system with anti-seismic racks embodies the concept of industrial design – almost science fiction until a few years ago!

With the vertical semi-automatic warehouse, the company manages huge amounts of products by optimizing several inefficiencies due to the occupied space, the waiting times, the difficulties in retrieving the goods, their damages, the consequences on the productions, the worker occurring accidents and so on.

vertical semi-automatic warehouse
vertical semi-automatic warehouse
vertical semi-automatic warehouse

Racks, materials handling, control and monitoring systems according to the Warehouse Management System – The automation of functions and the high modularity of its elements makes this system extreme flexible.

The cornerstone of this stacking system – for which FAMI has invested 250.000 € – is based on automatic highlifters constantly in touch with the WMS while working and with automatism systems controlling their floor directionality through electric guide wires.

Thanks to a laser scanner and a transponder, the three-sided system has an integrated security network on all the warehouse aisles. The new applied technology reports obstacles up to meters away and signals to slow down or to stop, if necessary. Its extreme maneuverability facilitates the management of various storage areas.

Obviously, the high degree of automation has a positive effect on the flexible scheduling of orders and on operating costs, optimizing them both.

In Store Van – the division that has optimized its automatic warehouse – the storage capacity has tripled compared to the past. Today 3 tons of goods and 1274 loading units for each shelf can be stocked.

Moreover, through the connection to the VMS, the automatic warehouse receives the picking list of each order by means of precise coordinates to locate and retrieve each item from the correct shelf of the many racks, reducing the picking time and saying goodbye to inefficiency!

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