Trivellato Veicoli Industriali inaugurates its new workshop

The company chooses Fami’s products to renovate its assistance centre

It was 1922 when Trivellato was founded, at first as a workshop specialised in motorcycle repairing and selling, and then as an auto repair centre. In 1963, it became an official Mercedes-Benz car dealership, favouring the success of the German brand in the province of Vicenza and in Italy. Today, it counts 13 car dealers in the province of Verona, Vicenza and Padova and more than 400 employees. The company is made of four specialised firms: Trivellato, Mercedes-Benz car dealership, Trivellato Veicoli Industriali, Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi industrial and commercial vehicle dealership, Citycar, Smart car dealership, and Trivellato Auto, Toyota and Lexus car dealership.

In August 2018, Trivellato opened Trivellato Veicoli Industriali’s new headquarters in Bolzano Vicentino. The improvement of customer service was one of the top priorities for the company, so it was decided to create a bigger workshop and different workstations in order to speed up the call-outs and reduce waiting time. Moreover, a gantry crane helps workers to improve truck assistance, letting them move engines, radiators and big components easily. The movement and management of the different vehicles are facilitated by wide parking areas.

When it came to how the workshop should be furnished, Trivellato Veicoli Industriali turned to Alteko, a company from Creazzo specialised in the selling of tools and industrial equipment. The reseller showed Trivellato Fami’s product range and it was created a personalised offer following client’s needs. In fact, the anthracite grey colour used for the whole furniture was chosen in order to integrate with Mercedes-Benz brand colours.

The workshop has been organised with standard workbenches of the series Steel and Work, Perform cabinets, and System ST shelving with extractable drawers. A wall made of perforated panels helps to organise the different tools and to have them at hand during everyday work. Perform AK cabinets with containers are in the work area to store C-parts and spare parts that can be used during car repairs. Clever Large trolleys help mechanics move big and heavy spare parts thanks to their high load capacity.