Towards a sustainable logistics: promoting reuse to save the environment

Reduce the use of disposable plastic products, create eco-friendly packaging and plastic containers, working in a responsible and sustainable way

Cassette in plastica Fami
Sustainable logistics aims to analyse and rework all the activities about transport, delivery and recycle of a product in an environmental perspective. Currently about the 35/40% of the weight and the 55/60% of the volume of waste is made of packaging and this percentage will grow according to the new lifestyles and consumer habits of the last decades. This vicious cycle has to be analysed and modified to reduce waste and improve the recycling process. This action involves different sectors: food, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace and chemical. The adoption of a sustainable and responsible logistics both in the large organised distribution, in the production chain and in intralogistics appears to be as a necessary action.

An inevitable solution is the adoption of a circular economy: in this way reaching an environmental and economic sustainability will be easier. A circular economy is the design and production of a product that can be reused to produce new goods or energy at the end of its lifecycle; an eco-friendly economic system that can regenerate autonomously.

This means that the whole production process has to be planned following these steps:

  • Prevent waste creation: rethink production to obtain less waste before the distribution process;
  • Reuse: design products that can be use more than one time, like packages to be returned;
  • Recycle: at the end of its lifecycle, products can be recycled to obtain new goods;
  • Thermo-valorisation: the product becomes energy

EURepack is a consortium born in 2010 with the aim of spreading the circular economy philosophy and the use of recyclable packaging. The project “R1-Reuse” identifies the European network of companies that commit themselves to use reusable container and reduce disposable packages. The choice to participate to this project was natural for Fami and Familog, due to the production of plastic containers, the attention towards the environment and the desire to spread the sustainable logistics philosophy. The two brands are always looking for new materials and eco-friendly processes to produce sturdy, recyclable containers that can be used many times during their lifecycle.