PROSYSTEM Project in Padua


Prosystem Italy – company with many years of experience in the field of engineering technologies – chose FAMI workspace and storage equipment for the furnishing of the new POS of professional tools, Pro Store, in Padua.

PROSYSTEM Project in Padua Arredo punto vendita Prosystem a PadovaAs usual, FAMI professional staff made on-the-spot inspection in order to understand the customer perspectives. We are committed to fulfilling customer requirements with tailor-made solutions – regardless of project size or industry. Our vast planning expertise turned once more the customer’s expectations into reality. 3D-planning drafts and scale-visualization simplifies the communication with customers in order to find a perfect suitable solution.

For the branch store based in Padua, our engineers designed a counter with reception desk and display cabinet. The particular colouring was specific realized according to the requirements of the client. The counter – core of the store combination – consists of nine STANDARD (seven of them equipped with drawers and two with adjustable shelf) and two PERFORM cabinets with sliding doors in polycarbonate and adjustable shelf. The surface of the whole composition is in MDF with rubber lining.
PROSYSTEM Project in Padua

The display cabinet combines high load capacity with the functionality of a PERFORM cabinet. The smooth opening of the sliding doors in polycarbonate, the perforated panels with illumination provides high stability and enables storage of tools on the back of the shelving system.