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Fami offers a new range of containers to identify non-compliant products

Containers to identify non-compliant products
The philosophy of “Lean Manufacturing” is used by many companies in order to reduce waste, dead times, production or raw materials purchase excess. The reduction of dead times requires a precise raw materials and plant lay-out to avoid wasting time and resources to move materials from one side of the production area to the other, so that workers can have everything they need near them. The 5S methodology supports Lean manufacturing by optimizing the production process and by helping to constantly improve company performance.

This Japanese methodology is made of 5 steps:
1. SORT: decide what is necessary and what’s not for production;
2. SET IN ORDER: lay out materials in a functional and well-thought way for the production process;
3. SHINE: keep the workplace clean and in order;
4. STANDARDISE: create standard procedures to obtain high-quality processes;
5. SUSTAIN: involve workers in activities and decisions to gain a constant improvement.

Visual management - Infographic

These two work-organisation methodologies can rely on Visual Management, the complex of techniques that use sight to identify the different workplaces and to speed up processes. Particular colours are used to define places where places where machineries and products need to be positioned. Moreover, products can also be identified with colours that indicates their processing status and/or their compliance. Stripes, angles and arrows have a well-established coloration:

  • Yellow: aisles, traffic, work areas;
  • Red: non-compliant materials;
  • Green: finished products;
  • Light blue: materials in processing;
  • White: workstations and storage of equipment, trolleys…
  • Black: raw materials area;
  • Orange: materials that have to be inspected;
  • Yellow/black: danger zone;
  • White/red: areas that have to be kept clear for security reasons;
  • White/black: areas that have to be kept clear for operational reasons (not related to security).

Lean manufacturing

The arranged implementation of lean manufacturing, 5S methodology and Visual Management helps to obtain a double advantage: from one side efficiency can be increased by finding waste, from the other operational standards can be created, that help, among other things, securing work areas and reducing potential dangers.

Fami developed the red 51 03 Athena containers with non-complaint inscription to easily storage and identify non-complaint materials. Small/medium-size materials can be inserted in these boxes helping to keep the working area well-ordered and favouring the transport of eliminated materials. Available in 4 different sizes they have solid bottom, lifting bars and lids.
They are available in different dimensions: 400x300x220 h, 600x400x120 h, 600x400x220 h e 600x400x325 h.