Fami designs and realises Spiral’s new picking area

Listening to clients’ needs to realise the perfect solution

The choice fell on Fami, thanks to its ability to acknowledge the customer’s needs and its flexibility in adapting the product to each request made by Spiral. The Master system instantly appeared to be the most suitable solution, owing to its customisation options and the possibility of integrating several elements. The project started in December 2016 and ended in April 2019, involving people from various departments, including the Technical and Foreign Sales departments, besides Fami Handels, the Austrian branch.

The consulting process led to the purchase of 250 bays of the Master System SR shelving, each equipped with different-size drawers containing longitudinal and transversal dividers for organising the material to be handled. Each individual shelving element is 1,500 mm high, 714 mm wide and 726 mm deep, and can contain roughly 52,500 items.