FAMI and EURO FERM, a ten-year partnership

The company chooses Fami not only as reseller, but also as customer

Euro Ferm and Utensileria Ghirlandina are two reference companies for the world of mechanics in the province of Bologna and Modena. For 40 years the two companies have specialised in the selling of machine tools, measuring instruments, equipment and tools for chip removal. Their clients are big industrial groups as well as small artisans, that trust themselves to the expertise and knowledge of the sales force, made of commercial technicians, capable to find the right solution for every need. A wide showroom has been created to have an area where customers can have a look at the new products and understand how they works. The desire to deliver a complete customer service has led Euro Ferm and Utensileria Ghirlandina to create learning courses for technicians to learn how to use new machines or the new features of products they have already bought.

Euro Ferm has been a Fami’s reseller for more than a decade for the provinces of Bologna and Modena. Recently, the partnership has changed, and it has become a client when it decided to buy the Master series to fit out the retail outlet. The company chose Fami top product because of its intrinsic characteristics: flexibility, silence, design and appearance. In particular, a series of Master cabinets 54×36 EH (1020×726 mm) create a corner counter to store small and medium size products. The cabinets are anthracite grey, while the handles of the first two drawers are Red Carpet, while the other handles are Dark Grey. A cabinet with power fittings has been installed in the corner for the use of electronics tools. The Master System SRs behind the counter present the same colours of the cabinets. The Master System SR represents the solution that integrates a 9-drawer cabinet in the lower part with a shelving system in the upper part. In this way, the customer can arrange the products easily: those sold singly can be inserted in the drawers, those sold in boxes can be stocked on the shelves.

The distinctive feature of this fitting is the label personalisation, used on handles and on the drawer internal dividers. In the first case, the handle has been divided into two parts: the wider one presents the photo of the product, while the narrow one contains its description (name and dimensions). In the second case, the dividers have labels with name and barcode of every product. This personalisation helps the client to quickly identify where the required product is.