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12 episodes to explore Fami’s adventure

From a small artisanal workshop, to a big engineering industry, a family reality that was able to respond to market changes through the years. If we should summarise Fami’s history in a few words, these would be enough, but we would run the risk of forgetting events, people and products that have marked the history of this company.
We like to see Fami’s story as a series of pieces that, put together, create a puzzle of a successful company, that through the years has been able to grow and improve in the industrial furniture market thanks to customers satisfaction and employees work. The latter are the foundation on which the company is built: Fami’s beating heart.

In this page you will revisit the most important and significant stages of Fami’s adventure. Are you ready for this journey?


EARLY 1900s

Bassano del Grappa railway station

Our adventure starts in the early 1900s. Bassano del Grappa railway station was the symbol of labour migration: workers left the countryside to work in the city because of havocs and calamities. Bassano started to see the birth of the first industries, professing its “entrepreneurial soul” for ironwork. In these years, Fami’s founder Mario Milani was born and, since youth, he discovered and devoted himself to its passion for iron.