Reduce your Carbon Footprint with the Air bins

22 April 2024 Blog

Air revolutionises the traditional concept of “plastic bin”: innovative and practical, these solutions have a special design studied down to the smallest detail to expand not only their storage capacity, but also their functionality.


Air: storage solutions become sustainable

Picking Box Air and RK Box Air are stackable and can be nested, designed to adapt perfectly to Europallet standards. These characteristics make them an important space-saving solution which allows you to optimise space in the warehouse and during transport and, consequently, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Space acquires new value: the same quantity of bins will occupy 50% less space, so as to be able to dedicate the remaining area to storing further bins or other products, components and materials.

Analysis of the impact of Picking Box Air on Fami's business

Soluzioni di stoccaggio sostenibili - Contenitori Air

A careful analysis has revealed how the use of the new Picking Box Air bins in the Fami logistics chain leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Specifically, it is possible to obtain:

  • 10,633 kg less CO2 (equal to a forest of 70 birch trees)
  • 51,000 kWh less between electricity and gas
  • 4.5 TOE (Tons of Oil Equivalent) less

The benefits are not only limited to a lower environmental impact, but also to a contraction in terms of consumption from storage costs (-57%) and from internal handling (-27%). These results were obtained by simulating the use of Picking Box Air in Fami’s internal storage and handling activity. The totality of the activities and the related consumption of the traditional Picking Box bins in 2023 were compared with the same quantity of activity recalculated on the consumption necessary for storing and handling the Picking Box Air bins.

Picking Box Air and RK Box Air: patented bins for containing components and C-Parts

The Air line consists of Picking Box Air and RK Box Air, two storage solutions ideal for containing small and medium-sized small parts, screws, C-Parts and components. Regardless of the series chosen, these bins have a reinforced bottom, to be able to use them in kanban shelving or in automatic warehouses, and a patented design which allows them to be stored stacked or nested.

Plastic storage boxes

The Picking Box Air bins with hopper-type opening are characterised by a large front opening to make picking the material more ergonomic and easier and, in the smaller sizes, by a rear hook to integrate the bin on other furnishings such as Bin Cart trolleys or Iron Team accessories. Furthermore, the entire structure of the bin has been designed to ensure compatibility with the picking bins of other brands.

RK Box Air, on the other hand, is the shelf bin par excellence which, unlike the other RK solutions, does not require stops when stored on the shelf. The new Air bin features a particular groove on the bottom designed to accommodate the shelf guide which transforms the RK Box into an actual drawer with lock on opening and closing. Thus, it will be possible to extract the bin in complete safety and to easily pick the stored material.

Stackable storage Air bins